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How to Play the Game and Learn English too!

The Basis of the Game

The basis of the game is that, in the English language, there is only 4 (regular), or maximum 5 (irregular), options to a verb. The majority of English verbs are regular verbs: That is why the pieces are rectangular and give you the four options of that verb; "I WORK" and "I WORKED" are correct but "I WORKS" and "I WORKING" are incorrect. "HE IS WORKING" is correct but "HE IS WORK", "HE IS WORKS", "HE IS WORKED" are incorrect.

The name PHRAZZLE is made up of two words: Phrase and Puzzle.

How this Game helps you to Learn English

The game consists of making phrases of two or more words, by putting them on a table or on the floor, horizontally or vertically, in a way that can be read from left to right or from top to bottom.

After the initial phrase, the second phrase must be placed in an adjoining manner with the original phrase. This continues for the duration of the game. There always has to be at least one inter-connecting word or "bridge" between one phrase and another, like a puzzle.

For example:

WE      ARE       SINGING
I      NEVER      STUDY
YOU    ALWAYS    WIN              EVERYDAY

The player can form two new phrases by playing one phrase in a way that adjoins another word simultaneosly.

For example:

WE      WIN
I      NEVER      STUDY

This would receive 2 points for "WE STUDY" and an additional 3 points for "I NEVER STUDY" for 5 points in total.

In PHRAZZLEME! There are words in red. These words make the phrase pointage be multiplied by two. If you use two of these red-coloured words in one turn, the phrase is multiplied by four. If you use one as a bridge, both phrases are multiplied by two.

When a player uses all his pieces (7) in one turn, he receives a 50 point bonus. These bonus points are added-on to the normal points already received for making the phrase. 50 bonus points are awarded each time the player does this. Bonus points are not awarded for adding-on to this phrase.

English Phrases can be formed in the following ways:

  • Expanding on an existing phrase.
  • Adding a new phrase that uses a word in common from an existing phrase.
  • Adding a phrase parallel to another phrase where two, three or more new logical phrases are formed.

The player with the highest score wins.

It is important that, when playing the game, there must be a teacher, monitor or someone who speaks English better than the rest. Someone must act as the monitor in order to act as the final judge. It is NOT neccesary for the monitor to speak English fluently in order to play the game.

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