Roof Installation: Don’t Get Ripped Off


Ladies and gentlemen, is a roof installation at your home in the works? 

If there is, then halt! Take a step back, breathe in, and before you do anything else— let me give you a heads-up first.

We’ve all been scammed out of our money one way or another, but when you’ve been ripped off of a pretty big investment for the protection of your home— it devastates like no other

So, we’re here to give you some tips and tricks on how not to get scammed by your unfriendly neighborhood roofers.


  • What the Internet is For


A little research goes a long way. A quick Google search on acclaimed roofing companies near you is a piece of cake, and hardly takes up much of your time. Make sure to verify if it is indeed a legitimate corporation, and you can find the customer reviews easily from here on out.



  • Stranger Danger


Out of nowhere, ‘roofers’ just tend to show up at your doorstep, insisting that your roof needs fixing. Don’t be fooled by their highly technical roof jargon and ‘I’m-worried-for your-wellbeing’ expressions. Watch out for these stranger dangers, especially after experiencing a violent storm in your area. Although your roof might indeed need fixing, you don’t need to get it from them.



  • Say it To My Face


If you manage to get a company for roof repair or installation, don’t relax just yet. Anticipate the inevitable swindling that will happen. Roofing companies will come to you, inspect the damages, and give you the estimates— but don’t just give them what they want without even blinking. Ask for a rundown of all the expenses and check their market price if they are overpriced. Don’t be shy. 



  • Get your Magnifying Glass Ready; Read the Fine Print


Try to research about roof installation as much as you can. They might try to take advantage of the fact that you have no knowledge in this area. Read and understand the contract they put out. They might distract you with pretty good deals, but they probably left out the drawbacks. Ask questions as much as you can. There’s nothing worse than being legally bound to an unfavorable contract.



  • Double-check


This is kind of a reach, but not all companies have your best interests in mind. Profiting from you is. Don’t let them get away with installing your roof with the cheapest materials possible. Get a separate building inspector if you can and ask them if they indeed made do with the bare minimum to meet the code’s requirements.


Whether it’s roof repairs, roof installations, or even daily life occurrences, people will try to trick you to their own gain. Be aware and keep your eyes peeled for any of these signs. If you feel like something’s not right, I believe you— trust your gut.

Follow these steps in order to steer clear of getting ripped-off of your roof installation. It will save you a lot of time, and not to mention, help you avoid spending more money than necessary. And isn’t that exactly what we’re here for?

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